We operate a hybrid triage system offering a mixture of telephone consultations, on the day emergency consultations with a doctor or pre-bookable (3 days in advance) GP / Nurse Practitioner appointments at a time convenient to you.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phoning the surgery on 01792 863103.  The receptionist will take details of your request and this will be passed to the GP who will call you back to discuss. The GP will offer advice or arrange and appoinment if necessary. 

The GP will endeavour to ring you back within an hour of your initial call. 

All nurse appointments are bookable in advance - please speak to the receptionist who will provide you with the earliest appointment.

Triage Protocol

A recent study indicated that 33% of GP consolations were inappropriate. To ensure we prioritise urgent cases and see the patients who do need to be seen we have devised the following triage protocol. The outcome of your enquiry will depend on the symptoms you describe to us. Our trained call handlers will ask you to describe your symptoms which will determine if you have a triage call, an emergency appointment or if you are able to book an appointment in advance. Below is the exact same protocol our call handlers follow which was designed by our doctors. Please work with our receptionists and describe your symptoms so that we can allocate your enquiry as appropriate (click on the image below to enlarge):

General Information about our Appointments System

Each patient is registered with the practice and not an individual doctor. 

All GP consultations are by appointment only and these will be organised by the GP themselves.

Urgent Appointments

All urgent appointments will be triaged by the GP

Telephone Advice

During Surgery hours a doctor and a nurse will usually be available to give advice over the telephone. The doctor may be busy consulting and, as a courtesy to that patient, the receptionist may indicate a convenient time for you to ring back and speak to the doctor or the doctor may ring you back.