Data protection and Caldicott Guardianship

Caldicott Guardianship is an NHS statutory requirement to guard the confidentiality of patient information. Our practice manager is our Caldicott Guardian and she is responsible for making sure that no information leaves the practice unless it is absolutely essential to a patient’s wellbeing and ongoing care.

As a general medical practice we hold highly confidential information on our patients. All our staff (who need access to this information to be able to do their jobs) work under the strictest code of confidence. Breaking this confidence is considered to be an act of gross misconduct.

Sometimes we may also need to share information about you with other healthcare professionals as part of your care. Please let us know if you do not want us to do this. We will always ask for your permission in writing before we give information about you to other professionals, such as insurance companies.

If you call at the health centre to pick up reports for someone else, we will ask you for written consent from the patient. The report will always be in a sealed envelope.

We are all responsible for making sure that a person’s confidentiality is protected. We ask you to co-operate with us on this sensitive matter. Please let the practice manager know if you are concerned with any issues affecting confidentiality.