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    NHS Direct Wales: 0845 46 47


    Help us Help You

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your understanding, patience and support at this time of national crisis.

    We understand at this difficult time our patients will need us now more than ever. In order to help you as best we can, we ask that you follow our guidelines, which are highlighted below.

    By understanding what our service can do for you, we can work together to achieve the best outcome for all.

    This week, the practice has received over 4000 telephone calls. This is more than double the usual amount of calls we receive.

    Demand for prescriptions has also significantly increased.

    This is placing additional pressure on the practice, but additionally is increasing the burden of workload on our local pharmacies.

    This level of pressure on the services is not sustainable.

    Help us to help you by considering the below information:

    1. Only telephone the practice if you have a genuine medical query – consider if your call is essential.
    2. Given the demand for prescriptions, we ask that you plan ahead as best as possible to allow us the time to process your request.
    3. Stockpiling medication is NOT necessary. We will issue post-dated prescriptions where possible. Requests for paracetamol WILL NOT be processed unless there is a genuine clinical need. Stocks of paracetamol nationally is low and we ask that no unnecessary requests are made so that those with genuine need will have access to them if required.  Having a prescription for paracetamol from the doctor does not mean it will suddenly become available in local Pharmacies.
    4.  With regards to Covid-19 advice, please use the government websites and speak to your employer. Links to the government websites can be found on our website home page.
    5. Self-isolation notes can be found on this link - https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/. We do not issue self-isolation sick notes.
    6. Be available – if a clinician is going to ring you back, we ask that you remain as available as possible. Whilst we cannot guarantee when a call back will completed, it will be done the same day.
    7. Rescue packs for those with respiratory conditions – Unless you have been in hospital with a flare up of your asthma symptoms, or have had to have steroids tablets within the last 2 years for your asthma then you do not require a rescue pack. More information on Rescue Packs is available here.
    8. The way you access the practice has now changed. The doors are now closed and you will only be able to access the practice if you have a pre-arranged appointment. We ask that you approach the practice and use the new buzzer system to inform us of your arrival for your appointment. If you are early or the clinician is otherwise engaged you may be asked to wait in your car and the clinician will call you on your mobile to advise when to come to the door. Where you will be met and admitted to the practice. Please do not come to the practice unless you have a pre-agreed appointment or if you are posting a prescription request.
    9. Our website is regularly updated with useful links, updates on our services and key information. Our website is www.pontardaweprimarycarecentre.co.uk

    Remember – the best thing you can do at this difficult time is stay up to date with government advice and STAY AT HOME unless essential to leave.

    We’d like to thank you for your continued support and help at this difficult time. We really do understand your frustrations and concerns and we are here, above all else, to help. By considering the above pointers, you will be helping us to help you.

    By working together, being conscientious and considerate, we can help each other through this unprecedented time.

    Pontardawe Primary Care Centre