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It is helpful to know if you have a Carer (someone who takes on an unpaid caring role) or if you are a Carer for someone else. We have a page dedicated to Carers where you can also register with us as a carer so we can provide you with additional support.

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Care for Children

Child Health Development

The practice works with the health visitors to provide child health development checks. All children under school age have regular reviews. You will get a letter inviting you and your child to attend for the child development checks.

The clinic is held every Tuesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. At the first development check we arrange for the mum to have her postnatal check and the baby to her their first immunisation.

Childhood Immunisations

Babies have their immunisations at two, three and four months, to protect from whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, HIB meningitis and meningococcal meningitis C. We also offer booster immunisation to pre-school children and 15 year-olds.

We hold the immunisation clinic every Tuesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. If you cannot come to the clinic at these times, please speak to your health visitor who will arrange another time with you.

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Care for Women's Health

Antenatal and post natal care

We have a full antenatal and postnatal service provided by our midwives, health visitors and practice nurses. We will share your care between these healthcare professionals and the hospital. Please contact the community health tam for up-to-date times for these clinics. Please ask at the reception desk for an advice pack on the role of the doctor, community midwife, health visitor and hospital clinics in antenatal and postnatal care.

Cervical Smears

All women aged between 24 and 64 should have a cervical smear test every five years. You will get a letter reminding you when your smear test is due. You should make your appointment for about half way between your periods. The practice nurses run regular cytology clinics for smear tests throughout the week. If you are at all anxious about this very important procedure, please ask to speak to them in confidence.

Family Planning Services

The doctors and nurses provide advice on all types of family planning. For emergency contraception advice, you need to see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible, and not more than 72 hours after having unprotected sex. We run a family planning clinic on Tuesday evenings from 4:30pm to 7pm. It is not necessary to make an appointment.

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Care for Patients with Chronic (long-term) Conditions

The Asthma or COPD clinic

If you have asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) we will regularly monitor your care and help you to improve the way you manage your condition yourself. We will offer you a review every year with the practice nurse. We will review treatment every three to six months for children with more severe asthma.

To make sure you are getting the best treatment, we may do tests using computerised equipment. We can then review your peak flow (how hard you can blow air out of your lungs) and inhaler techniques and give you up-to-date information about new medications.

When we are you to come for your review, please bring all your medicines, inhalers and anything else that you use to the clinic.

Combined Chronic Disease Clinic

This clinic reviews those patients who suffer from more than one long-term condition, for example asthma, coronary heart disease or diabetes. The appointments are longer and offer you an appointment with the nurse to screen all your problems and a blood test (if appropriate). The clinic is run by the practice nurse.

Continence Assessment Clinic

If you have a problem with bladder or bowel continence, make an appointment with the doctor first who will refer you to our continence advisory service. This clinic is run on Thursday afternoons by appointment.

The Diabetic Clinic

We aim to achieve good control of diabetes and prevent complications by providing education and regular check-ups. If you have diabetes, we will write to offer you an appointment for an annual check-up. This will usually be in the month of your birthday. There is also a follow-up clinic if you need to be seen more often.

When you come to the clinic please bring all your medicines and records of finger-prick and urine testing with you. Clinic times may change, please check with reception.

First Diagnosis Clinic

This clinic has longer appointments and is aimed at patients who have just been diagnosed with asthma, diabetes or coronary heart disease. It allows you to have an initial in-depth screening. After your visit to this clinic, we will call you for a regular review. The clinic is run by the practice nurse.

The Heart Disease Clinic

If you have angina or have had a heart attack, we will offer you an appointment for a review every year. This will normally be in the month of your birthday. We will review your condition, give you the best treatment, and help you to understand how to lower your 'risk factors' to prevent further illness. Clinic times may change so please check with reception.

Hypertension (Blood Pressure) Clinic

You should have your blood pressure checked;

  • Every three to five years if you are under 60; and
  • Once a year if you are over 60

If your doctor has prescribed medication to control your blood pressure, we will ask you to come in for more frequent checks.

Every hypertensive patient (patient with high blood pressure) will be offered a blood pressure check with our health care support worker every nine months. This clinic is available by appointment only.

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Extra Services

Adult Vaccinations

All adults should make sure they have had a tetanus and polio booster in the last 10 years. Or practice nurse can advise you. The practice nurse will also advise on immunisations for travel abroad. Please arrange an appointment well in advance of your travel date.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Clinic

We offer this procedure to detect abnormal heartbeats and to investigate the cause of chest pain. The ECG test is painless and harmless. The ECG machine records electrical impulses coming from your body, it does not put any electricity into your body.

Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccines

These are available each autumn for people over 65 and people with certain medical conditions such as chronic chest problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Other Health Checks

If you are aged between 16 and 74 and you have not had a consultation or been to a clinic at the practice in the last three years, you can ask for a consultation. At his check-up we will carry out an examinations or tests you need.

If you are over 75 and you have not had a consultation with us in the last 12 months, you can also ask for a consultation.

Phlebotomy Services

We have a blood-taking service every morning for drug monitoring (such as warfarin) and for all other blood tests.

Private Work & Fees

Medical Examinations (Non-NHS)

Certain services provided by the Doctors are not covered by the NHS and fees are payable for such items as:

  • HGV & PSV licences
  • Elderly driver licences       
  • Insurance
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Private certificates          
  • Holiday vaccinations
  • Insurance claims           
  • Fitness for sports

Please ask the receptionist for such services. Charges are payable at the time of attendance, and the BMA recommended scale of fees is on display at the reception desk. For further information please see Why do GP’s charge?

A current list of fees is available in reception. It you have any queries regarding these, please enquire at Reception.

Medical Certificates

Self-certificates are available from your employer for sickness of up to one week. Any certificate required from the Doctor for periods up to the first week can only be provided as a private certificate for which there is a charge.

Private Patients

Patients, who are not NHS registered at this surgery, can be seen privately. Please contact the Practice Manager regarding fees.

Travel Vaccinations

Going Traveling? Not sure what vaccines you need? Not sure if your already covered?

Find out more on our Travel Health & Immunisations page.