We are proud of the facilities and services that we offer. We work very hard to make sure that every patient feels comfortable and relaxed in our care, and we welcome new patients into this environment.

Our practice list is open and we are accepting new patients that live in our practice catchment area.


Practice Catchment Area

The practice will register patients who live in the following areas:

  • Pontardawe
  • Clydach – As far as the Mond
  • Glais – As far as Tyn Y Fron Cottages
  • Bryncoch – As far as the Church of Wales School
  • Cwmgors – As far as the Old Star Inn

Patients new to the area who have come to live with patients living just outside the practice area or who are born to patients living just outside the practice area may be registered at the doctor's discretion.

Our geographical boundaries are constantly under review and may change at short notice.

If you change your name and address or telephone number please inform us as soon as possible. If you move out of the practice area, you will be required to re-register with a more local practice.

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How to Register as a Patient

  1. Print off and complete the following form for each person wishing to register. We will need you to fully complete and sign the form before you can be registered. This will enable us to obtain your records from your previous surgery before you next need advice or treatment:
    Download the Permanent Patient Registration form (GMS1)
  2. Bring the fully completed and signed form with you to the practice together with two forms of identification for each person. A photo ID such as your driving license or Passport and a utility bill with your address on it are the common forms of identification used. There are other suitable forms of identification we accept as alternatives, please ask reception for details
  3. Do you care for someone who could not manage without you or are you someone that is cared for?
    If yes, please take a look at the resources on our carers page.
  4. If you want to register with a particular doctor, we will do our best to carry out your request. We will tell you if we cannot meet your preference and why we cannot meet it.

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Health Checks for New Patients

As a new patient, we will invite you to see our practice nurse or health care support worker for an initial health check. When we carry this out we will find out about your medical history, arrange for any blood tests you need and arrange for you to attend our chronic disease management clinics, if appropriate.

These health checks are very important as we are able to establish your health profile early on and offer the best possible support from when you first register with us.

Please make every effort to attend as it is for your benefit.

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Change of Personal Details

If you change your name, address, or telephone number at any time whilst you are registered at the practice please let us know as soon as possible so we can update our records. There are several ways to tell us, including online.

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Temporary Residents

The Doctors are happy to see patients who are temporarily resident in the Practice area should medical advice be required. In this instance, persons wishing to be treated should state that they are a temporary resident when reporting to reception.

To register you will need to bring your passport and complete our Temporary Resident Registration form (GMS3 download here) or is also available from reception.